No fluff, just clarity

At Luna we aim to help clients achieve clarity when it comes to their marketing. We know marketing can seem ‘airy fairy’ and 'gut based', but we pride ourselves on our marketing being strategic and data driven, providing clarity.

We pride ourselves on enabling clients to make informed decisions

"We have been working with Rachel from Luna Solutions for a number of years now and have found their approach suits us perfectly...


Our monthly meetings are the most effective way for us to "make decisions and keep things moving".  We can trust that all our marketing plans will happen without us having to follow up on them.  This allows us to carry on with what we do best while Luna Solutions can do what they do best."

Todd & Amy, Alliance RV

About us

Luna Solutions is owned by Michelle Crook (nee Whitmore), and managed by Rachel Bauer. Both Michelle and Rachel have extensive marketing experience. 

Michelle Crook

Director and Senior Strategist

Rachel Bauer

Manager and Senior Strategist

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