Rachel is well known for getting things done. She works with an eye for detail and discipline - if she says she's going to do it, you can guarantee it'll get done.

With over 10 years’ experience in marketing, and a comms degree behind her, she has the ability to deliver results, and loves data. In her early years Rachel became a digital marketing junkie, learning best practice for Search Engine Optimisation, becoming Google Adwords certified way back in 2008, and constantly improving clients websites. She studied Google to ensure clients website were ranking well and maintaining that rank – her achiever strength shining through.

Rach has a practical yet 'can do' attitude combined with business acumen and a desire to deliver tangible value. Whether facilitating a half day strategy session, or delivering an educational workshop, she loves to see people grow and develop their skills, enabling them to take control of their marketing. 

"I love being able to share my knowledge and experience to help business owners/managers see the impact marketing can have on their business, and that it doesn't have to be in the too hard bucket."

Rachel's Journey

Rach hit the ground running in 2007 after completing a NZ Diploma in Business at Tauranga Polytechnic followed by a Bachelor of Communication Studies, majoring in Marketing and Public Relations, at the University of Waikato. The marketing landscape was in the beginning stages of major changes and she adapted and learnt new skills to keep current. 

In her first two years Rach was the Marketing Assistant for a promo company in Tauranga - she was the 'doer' to market the business, and one of her main responsibilities was keeping the websites current. Just as she started in the company they were expanding into holding pre-branded stock for corporate clients, and needed a website that would allow corporates to see what branded material they had in stock and place orders. They had purchased an ecommerce website from Zeald for the task, and Rach worked closely with Zeald to customise the site to meet the business' needs. 

Due to this she became very familiar with the Zeald platform, so in 2009 when the company she worked for purchased the license to sell Zeald websites in the Waikato Rach jumped at the opportunity to step into this role. At the time Zeald was the biggest website company in NZ, and she was excited to be their E-Business Consultant in the Waikato. Over the next two and a half years she dedicated herself to the digital space, continuing to learn best practice and help businesses improve their online presence with a successful website.

In 2011 it was time for change. Michelle set up Metro By MW (later to become Metro Marketing), and Rach came along for the ride. With Michelle based in Tauranga and Rach in Hamilton, and Rach's recent experience working as a consultant, it was time for her to step into the role of Marketing Consultant and build up her own client portfolio. 

In this role she was responsible for developing marketing plans then project managing all aspects of implementing those plans; from brand development through to collateral creation, media buying and rolling out campaigns across traditional and digital mediums. 

From 2011 to 2019 Rach was part of the Metro Marketing team, running the Hamilton office and working with clients across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. During that time, they came across Rocketspark and saw they were doing some cool stuff with the design and build of websites. They could see the potential opportunity to collaborate, so Rach dove headfirst into learning all about the platform and started creating client websites on it. This has grown into a strong partnership, and between Metro and Luna Rach has worked on over 100 websites on the Rocketspark platform. 

In 2019 Michelle and Rach decided to set up Luna Solutions, separating the Tauranga and Hamilton offices and allowing more flexibility for Rach to step into opportunities that were coming her way.

In September 2019 she was engaged by Seed Waikato to look after the team and events as Chief Doer of Things while the Founder was on maternity leave. Then in early 2020 Rach became a part time facilitator at Wintec, co-facilitating the ecommerce paper. Mid 2020 Rach went on Maternity leave, returning to work in 2021 ready to see what exciting opportunities come her way. 

Rachel is a people person and thrives on sharing what she's learnt for the benefit of others.

Rach's strengths include relator, connectedness, input, responsibility and empathy. Rach loves to see where someone's passion and strengths lie and help them amplify them. Her values are grounded in inclusivity, acceptance and gratitude. 

Rach sits on the boards for Volunteering Waikato and is a past Seed Waikato committee member. She also set up a social enterprise in the mental wellbeing space in 2017 and in 2019 completed level 1&2 of Te Ara Reo Māori at Te Wānanga O Aotearoa.

Rach loves spending time with her family and friends, feeling the sand under her feet, immersing herself in a good book, second-hand shopping, exploring Hamilton Gardens and Duck Island ice cream, but most importantly spending time with her partner and their son.