Failing to plan is planning to fail

Unsure what your direction should be, where you should be focusing your efforts or if you're doing the right things?

Many businesses don't have a plan because they are living in a reactive and busy world. Constantly skating on ball bearings and fighting fires doesn't give you the space and time to develop a plan and be proactive rather than reactionary. 

We see this all the time. 

However, it's important that the time is taken to develop a strategy for your business and your marketing, otherwise you will continue to skate on ball bearings and never feel like you're ahead of the curve. 

Marketing Strategy

We've spent over 10 years working with hundreds of clients to develop a robust strategic marketing plan for their business. 

We take a common-sense approach to marketing, we don't jump straight to gimmicks and expensive advertising campaigns, but focus on getting the basics done well and building a strong foundation with a strong brand promise so that you're set up for the best chance at success.

We also ensure that your marketing plan flows on from your strategic plan, and is aligned with your operational and financial plan - creating natural tension, but not overcooking one area. 

Our strategic marketing plan covers;

  • Market opportunity
  • Target market
  • Influencers
  • Competition
  • Your business
  • Marketing collateral
  • Channels to market
  • Validation
  • Conversion
  • Operations
  • Customer care and feedback
  • Data

We can come and facilitate strategy sessions with your team to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that your team are engaged in and sets you up with clear action points to move forward with. ​

What past clients have to say

Home Grown Kids

"Home Grown Kids enlisted the help of Michelle and Rachel to assist in bringing the company to the fore in terms of becoming market leaders. 

With a varied role, from market research to effective marketing strategies, to new and exciting marketing tools, the full project scope and management was handled by Rachel.  She truly embraced our company's culture and achieved amazing results.

Our company has gone from strength to strength from input from Michelle and Rachel and continues to grow and develop further week by week. They not only gave us tools for then, but skills for now too.”
Stacey Dunn
Director, Home Grown Kids