For over 15 years we've been working with clients to create functional, effective and visually appealing websites.

We take the following approach when creating a website for clients:

  1. We gain an understanding or your business - meeting with you to ensure we understand your market, target market, your business, values and brand, website requirements, functionality needs and design elements
  2. We design the website concept - we then go away and set up the design of your website, focusing on the homepage, which sets the tone for the whole website
  3. We ask you for feedback
  4. We move forward with setting up the rest of your website, incorporating your feedback. This will include loading  content either provided by you or created by us (as defined in our proposal to you)
  5. The draft website is provided to you to review and provide feedback
  6. Once approved we complete on page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the website is made live
  7. We provide you with training so that you/someone on your team can update your website going forward. 

We're proud to be a Rocketspark Gold Partner

Some of the businesses we've worked with...

Adapting to Covid-19 - operating as a contactless business

Since March businesses have been put through unprecedented change with the NZ Government putting in place restrictions to halt the spread of Covid-19 through our communities. 

While great for our health, this has had a significant on many businesses and the way they operate. We are seeing many businesses need to shift and adapt the way they operate to this 'new normal'. 

The digital space and websites have become even more valuable as a way to connect with existing and prospective customers, and finding ways to provide products and services that adhere to lock down restrictions has meant many businesses have had to be creative and rethink their business model.

If you want to work with a team who are focused on providing a website that works in this new contactless business landscape contact us. We are working with many clients to provide websites that focus on scheduled ordering.

What is scheduled ordering?

Scheduled ordering is designed to meet the needs of a range of businesses looking to sell online.

How does it work?

1. Enable scheduled ordering

Once we've created your website, we set up day/time preferences for taking orders in your store's settings.

2. Set up minimum wait times

We will set up wait times based on whether your product takes minutes, hours or days to prepare.

3. Start taking orders

Using social media, email campaigns and other channels we can work with you to let customers know that they can visit your website and place an order.

4. Prepare the order

Once an order is placed, you prepare the order to either be picked up or delivered. As your situation changes you can switch from offering just delivery to delivery and pickup or vice versa.