Facebook FAQs

I’m always out talking with businesses, and quite often Facebook is the topic that people want to talk about. So here I have put together my own FAQs for who should have a presence on Facebook and how you can use it for your business.

Q. Should my business be on Facebook?

A: Some people think that every business should have a presence on Facebook, and this makes some businesses panic and jump into it without really thinking about whether it is relevant for them, their customers and prospective customers. My answer to whether a business should have a presence on Facebook is the same if we were looking at any other channel (e.g. TV, radio, website etc). Who do you want to communicate with and are they using this channel? If they are using this channel how are they using it and does it fit with your brand.

Q: What should I do on my business Facebook page?

A: Facebook is a platform that you can use in a less formal way than some other channels to really connect with people and show your brand personality (and your own personality). Facebook has always been about connecting with people, (after all it is a social site) whether you are connecting with friends and family or customers. Once people have connected with you it is important that you inspire them and continue to engage them – make them laugh, let them get to know your team and relate to you and you will become more memorable and they will share your posts with their connections

A great example of this is Mr Vintage. The language that they use is in line with their brand – young, fun, a bit cheeky and something that people will engage with and share which in turn grows their reach.

Q: What if someone posts something negative about us on our page?

A: Do you always let ‘What ifs’ hold you back? Yes there is a possibility that someone might post a negative comment on your page, but if you always aim to do a great job there is a much greater opportunity for people to post positive comments.

If you do receive a negative comment then don’t shy away from it, handle it the way you would if the person was on the phone or in your shop. Try to understand their grievance and offer a plausible solution to assist them. If the conversation escalates then take it offline and try to contact the person directly to discuss their needs on the phone or in person.

We are all human and don’t always get it right, but if you show that you are sympathetic to their concerns and make an effort to meet their needs this will bode well with others that view the negative post. And hey, you might impress them so much they then post a positive comment!

Q: How often do I need to post on my business Facebook page?

A: This one is dependent on your industry and how often people want to engage with you, but as a rule of thumb, I say at least 5-7 posts a week. I try to do at least one post or share a day, but don’t post “just because” – make sure every post has a purpose. A great way that I found was to break it down into a list of things that you are going to do each week, for example:

  • A piece of inspiration
  • A feed from a blog post
  • A video
  • Sharing an industry update
  • (other ideas are a recipe, a game, a tip, a question, a fun fact etc)

And another tip is to find other interesting pages to follow. Quite often I share posts from pages that I follow onto our business page for our followers to see. You don’t have to come up with it all yourself!

Before taking the leap onto any new channel make sure you understand who is using it and how they are using it. Also understand what your goal or purpose  is, for example if you just want to sell more product then Facebook isn’t really the place for you. However if you want to engage with people and grow your following, and through those relationships grow your sales then Facebook will be better suited to you. The hard sell doesn’t work on social networks, or arguably anywhere these days.